• “Ron Lechler is as funny as the day is Tuesday.”

  • “Ron Lechler is the nicest piece of shit I’ve ever met.”

  • “Ron knows his sensibilities and never strays from them and he doesn’t give a damn if you don’t like it.”

  • “Ron has a big wang.”

    -An anonymous but totally not made up woman
  • “Ron is one of a kind, thankfully.”

  • “Ron Lechler is a man of great sagacity and penetrating wit. If it wasn’t for him I would have never looked up the definition for sagacity.”

    -Jeremy Schmidt
  • “Ron Lechler is great in small doses.”

  • “Ron Lechler once kissed me on the lips. He said it was a joke, but he really did it to know what pussy tastes like.”

  • “Ron Lechler will grow on you, like a cyst.”

  • “Ron? I’ve been saying Rob this whole time.”

  • “To humanize Hiter, people like to bring up that he loved dogs. In the future, to humanize Ron Lechler, people will bring up the fact that he loved Hitler.”

  • “I love Ron Lechler almost as much as he loves himself.”

    -Andrew Woods
  • “Ron Lechler is like the Tony Romo of being hyper aware that he’s a privileged white dude. I mean, statistically he’s way better at it than most of his peers but he’s not the best or anything.”

    -Paulos Feerow
  • “Ron Lechler may not look good in a bathing suit, but you can believe his personality does.”

    -Jeremy Schmidt
  • “Ron Lechler once tried to pay me $100 to watch him suck a guy’s dick. He was paying the other guy $125.”

  • “Ron Lechler makes me feel less alone.”

  • “Ron Lechler makes me feel stupid and loved at the same time. Like a well educated dad who still makes time for me, even though I know he’s busy eating pussy.”

  • “I actually don’t mind Ron Lechler.”

  • “Ron Lechler is the best export from Michigan since Kid Rock!”

  • “Ron Lechler may be bad at every art form, but what he lacks in talent, he makes up for in sucking men’s penises at an abandoned 7/11.”

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